Over in the Jungle!

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Author: Marianne Berkes
Illustrator: Jeanette Canyon
Developer: Malachi Bazan

Now this best-selling counting & sing-along book is an interactive app! Like its award-winning cousin, the Over in the Ocean App, the Over in the Jungle App is “jam-packed with vibrant colors, engaging interactivity, fluid poetry, predictable text and ‘teachable moments’.” Children count, poke and jiggle the rainforest animal babies to watch them squawk, scurry, and scramble—just as the animals do in real life. And then children will search for all the babies in a counting game. Over in the Jungle (book) has won numerous awards, including the International Reading Association’s Teacher’s Choice Award. This app is a fun way to reinforce learning, and is entirely safe for children—it does not contain ads, social media, in-app purchases, or links, nor does it collect data. It is available in English only.

FEATURES: • Remarkable artwork is constructed entirely from polymer clay! You will want to grab your own colored clay after illustrator Jeanette Canyon explains how she does it.
• Choose between Read to Me, Read to Myself, and Sing to Me.
• Children can touch the animal babies or jiggle the screen to watch them perform their distinctive true-to-life actions (for example, the howler monkeys hoot and the boa constrictors squeeze).
• After being introduced to all the animal babies (one marmoset, two morpho butterflies, and so on) the babies “play hide and seek!” The child is invited to play a counting game to find them all, “from ten to one.”
• Includes a real-life photograph of each animal with interesting information about the species.
• All information is scientifically accurate. The author also explains the wide variety of ways in which animal parents care for their young.

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